• Image of 'THANK YOU!' A5 POSTCARD
  • Image of 'THANK YOU!' A5 POSTCARD
  • Image of 'THANK YOU!' A5 POSTCARD
  • Image of 'THANK YOU!' A5 POSTCARD


A5 Postcard, blank on back. Can stick them in your window or post to friends, family and keyworkers!

All postcards are sent in hardback envelopes and despatched within 7 working days of purchase. All postcard orders are posted as UK and International Standard delivery, first class through Royal Mail. There may be some delays in delivery time due to the pandemic as understandably medical and essential supplies are prioritised.

All profits going to 'Kit4Carers' initiative.

About Kit4Carers:

“The Forgotten Few Shortages of PPE for NHS workers and health professionals has received much publicity. Less so for people caring for the most marginalised groups such as children at risk, the homeless, people with drug and alcohol addiction, or with mental illnesses. Carers and the cared for all need effective personal protection during the Covid-19 pandemic. All Carers Should Have Access to PPE Many carers are poorly paid – and some unpaid. Yet, frequently, the work they do is difficult and risky but vital for people who are anxious, lonely and vulnerable. Community carers are operating at a time when resources are stretched and, in some cases, shelters and community centres are shut. Their work goes largely unsung and they urgently need our support

Kit4carers is a not-for-profit group that has been formed to focus on sourcing, shipping and distributing PPE kit to this community of carers as soon as possible. We have the procurement, logistics and supply chain working round the clock – and what’s more, we are already delivering our first shipment of masks, gowns and gloves this week into the UK. Kit4Carers is led by Dr Pramod Prabhakaran, an NHS Consultant, Hassan Chaudhury, international trade expert & ex-social worker and Omar Butt, innovation leader from Vita Healthcare Solutions and Angus Robertson, Managing Partner at Curzon Private Office.”

For more information or to donate directly: